Functional Service Provider

Functional Service Provider

Special Service Request? We can help.

In today’s clinical development environment, you may not always require a full-service, all-or-nothing team to work on your study. Sometimes you need a customized solution in a specific functional area. With the ProTrials Functional Service Provider (FSP) model you get the coverage, scalability, and cost savings you need, while maintaining ownership of your clinical program. 

Do you need an experienced team of CRAs to monitor your trial?

Who can you get to negotiate and execute site contracts and budgets, and administer site payments?

Are you looking for a Project Manager to manage your CRO?  

Here are examples of the many services ProTrials offers:

Biometrics services  

Clinical monitoring and site management 

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) platforms 

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) management 

Feasibility and start-up support 

Investigator meeting planning 

Medical monitoring 

Patient recruitment support 

Pharmacovigilance and safety services 

Program management 

Project management 

Quality assurance auditing 

Regulatory support 

Site contract and budget negotiations 

Vendor management 

CRO Monitoring Support Case Study

Read how ProTrials provides monitoring support in time-sensitive pivotal phase III oncology clinical trials.

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