Wendy Powers


Sr. Director of Business Development

Wendy is committed to connecting the ProTrials team with trial sponsors who seek excellence in clinical research. A graduate of The University of California-Davis with a B.S. degree in nutrition science, Wendy began her career in clinical research at Syntex Pharmaceuticals, where she spent nearly a decade leading studies in multiple health categories, from immunology and infectious disease to rheumatology, gastroenterology and reproductive medicine.


In 1997, Wendy joined clinical research veterans Inger Arum and Jodi Andrews, who had recently launched ProTrials Research, Inc. Along with Inger and Jodi, Wendy shared the company’s simple and straightforward goal: to provide clients a team of highly experienced, dedicated, and detail-oriented clinical research professionals. Since its inception, ProTrials has grown into a multi-million dollar, global organization.


Today, Wendy brings over 25 years of industry experience to ProTrials, where she applies the breadth and depth of her clinical operations expertise to her role in directing the company’s business development initiatives. On behalf of ProTrials, she has partnered with numerous healthcare organizations to execute clinical trials across a range of therapeutic indications. Wendy’s pharmaceutical knowledge and command of client relationships have contributed to ProTrials’ reputation for excellence in global and domestic clinical trial management, clinical quality assurance compliance and successful NDA filings.